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I’ve been up to almost 4 am watching Hunger Games and Catching Fire for the first time and the highlight of everything was when my dad burst out: “WELL, WHO THE HELL IS SHE IN LOVE WITH?!” I am also happy to announce that my dad is a Peeta+Katniss (idk their couples name) shipper.

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Cleaned out my closet today and found this… I totally forgot about this one. I bought this after I saw that Chelsea match last year. The Spaniards and Brazilians weren’t there but I insisted on buying a shirt with Mata on it… Because he was my favourite…

Send me the name of a football club and i’ll tell you my favorite player from that club.

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This is my second time watching the last Harry Potter movie. Time to get heartbroken yet another time :’) 

On another note, this has been a really amazing season. We’re by far the best team in the premier league, we just lack consistency, and a proper centre forward. 

All things considered, we ought to be pretty proud.

Let’s just go and fucking bulldozer Atletico now

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I recently reached (10,000) 15,000 :D followers and (as promised) here’s my giveaway for you, my lovelies.

First things first, though: Thank you all so much for following me :)

Okay, here are the rules:

  • you must be following me
  • you can like/reblog as often as you want
  • if you are one of the winners you should be willing to share your full name and address with me
  • giveaway ends 1 May 2014
  • winners will be chosen randomly and there will be three winners (which means I will pack three boxes of goodies)
  • I will ship worldwide

Here’s what you can win:

  • A genuine Saami bracelet (like the one Benedict wears), black leather with silver threads
  • DVD - Boxset, Sherlock Series 1-3 (Region codes 2+4)
  • A ‘Keep calm and love Benedict Cumberbatch’ - mug
  • Sherlock t-shirt: ‘I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes’ (size L)
  • Paperback ‘Sherlock Holmes - His Last Vow’, Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Sherlock t-shirt, black ‘When you eliminated the impossible …’ (size XL)
  • Sherlock t-shirt, white with Sherlock, John Watson and Moriarty cameos (size XL)
  • black pencils ‘Everybody, shut up!’

I keep my fingers crossed for you :)

EDIT: If this post reaches 10,000 notes, I’ll add a few little things to the giveaway …. :D

EDIT: Done!! And as there are so many notes there’s going to be four winners now! … So here we go:

I added:

  • Parade’s End DVD
  • Third Star DVD

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I feel like when it’s going well for Real Madrid (won the Copa) it goes bad for Chelsea (match against Sunderland), and when it goes well for Chelsea (big win against Arsenal) it goes bad for Real Madrid (loss against Barcelona). Why can’t both just do well?? :(


We’re looking at you,

I watched Criminal Minds yesterday and Merle was playing a cop and even though he wasn’t playing Merle I still kind of hoped that someone would kill him


Real Madrid 2-1 FC Barcelona [Copa del Rey Final] 16/04/2014
Sergio Busquets’ reaction to Gareth Bale’s solo goal.


First, I want to thank the fans for showing major support for the team, not only the one’s that are there in Valencia and the ones waiting for them in Madrid, but also the ones who showed support on instagram, twitter and facebook. Secondly, I want to thank the team for not backing down, fought…

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Hoy tenemos la oportunidad de ser mejores, de brillar, de ser estrellas en el cielo de Valencia, Hoy tenemos que gritar mas que nunca: HALA MADRID. 

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