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I see Javi Martinez warming up and even though he is the enemy tonight I just can’t bring myself to NOT like him! 

If Chelsea wins the CL I’ll be so happy, if Real wins CL I’ll be even happier (because la decima) and if Bayern wins I won’t be surprised because they have had a great season BUT I’LL BE DAMNED IF THE CL GOES TO ATLETICO BECAUSE I HATE THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND NO JUST NO I will never forgive these three teams if they let DIEGO COSTA or SIMEONE hold the trophy. 


My attitude for the next 7 days is entirely dependent upon what happens in the next 90 minutes.

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If people blame Nando for this match I will destroy a city.

Diego Simeone SIT THE FUCK DOWN MAN. Someone send him off. We are all tired of seeing his face. 

Oh my god no… Cech out … This is already going south :(

Happy 32nd Birthday Ricardo Kaka.

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Literally everything about Diego Costa screams ASSHOLE

I share my birthday with Luca Zidane, son of Zizou and goalkeeper for Real Madrid youth team, who’s only a year younger than me. It’s a sign. I SHALL MARRY THIS FRENCH/SPANISH BOY. 

"In Spain, my team is Real Madrid and when they win competitions when I’m not involved, I’m happy."

- José Mourinho - 21/04/14 press conference Atlético vs Chelsea. (via juanmanuel-mata)

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If you don’t know about Amina or the topless jihads world wide today I suggest you get googling, Amina Tyler is a 19 year old woman who posted bare breasted photos with the slogan “My Body is My Own and Not the Source of Anyone’s Honor” on her chest. She was arrested and sentenced to “100 lashes” and being “stoned to death”. She went missing and in response FEMEN activists are staging bare cheated protests. This image displays a man kicking an activist protesting outside a mosque. WAKE UP. NUDITY IS NOT A CRIME.

the world is insane right now this is fucking insanity literally.

Shame on that man

Gareth Bale with his daughter Alba after Copa Del Rey final.

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