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Sometimes I look at our transfers and wonder if Perez is on crack

Not only do I dislike Chicharito, but he is a Manchester United reject who I don’t want in Real Madrid and he’s going to wear Alonso’s number, and we should really focus on buying or loaning a new striker like Falcao (a goalscoring machine), who’s close to signing with Manchester United on loan….


That terrible moment when you keep buying players and when you look at your bench, there’s nobody, absolutely nobody who can improve the game. I always thought we needed a striker, but now I am hundred percent sure we can’t do with only Benzema. I love Karim , but a team like Real Madrid deserves a more powerful striker

I’m not even mad. This is so typical us, it annoys me that we haven’t learned from our mistakes yet

Okay I knew this was too good to be true and i knew that Real Sociedad would catch up because WE ALWAYS END UP SCREWING THINGS UP IN THE END. IT’S THE REAL MADRID WAY

i’m thinking about buying a carvajal shirt which is weird for me since i never buy a youngsters’ shirt but there’s just something about him



i hope that player is named cOMMON SENSE bC what the fUCK

I know that there’s something going on between Isco and Cristiano because on almost all celebratory group photos those two are standing next to each other

"It’s the draw for the third round of the Capital One Cup later on this evening…" 

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"I’m really happy so I must say thanks to my team-mates because without the team, individual awards would not be possible." - Ronaldo about winning UEFA Best Player in Europe

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"I remember a game against Wolverhampton and I was on the bench, and the fans were still singing my name. I’ve been very lucky to live very good moments but that game, when I was in the middle of nothing and not playing, was maybe the best memory I have in all my career. The only thing that gave me hope was the support of the people. It showed me there are important things to fight for, the love of the fans, the support of the club.” Goodbye & thank you Fernando, good luck in the future!

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At least Xabi went to a big and good team like Bayern München and not some crappy team that no one cares about or a rival team. Who knows, maybe we’ll face each other again in the CL this year? 







Okay but the difference in Dean and Sam’s pictures is over 8 years

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